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Our Brands:

Atlas Global Brands is a Canadian cannabis company that works with premium growers to offer a variety of top-quality cannabis products. 
We are the result of two leading Canadian cannabis cultivators and six Israeli companies, forming a group with exceptional strategic synergies, covering the full value chain with sales in seven international markets.

D*gg Lbs brings the best of modern cultivation and OG cannabis culture together to deliver potent, stylish products inspired by the biggest names in the LA rap scene.

GreenSeal takes cannabis cultivation to all new heights with their revolutionary 6 and 8-level grow systems and dedicated nursery’s genetic selection and breeding programs.

Electric Lettuce brings shocking value to our team with creative, engaging cannabis products that won’t break the bank.

About Us

Our Brands: Atlas Thrive & Natural History

As a part of our commitment to innovation in the adult-use market, we offer two lines of products to conscious consumers.

Atlas Thrive features patented EnCaps™ technologies for accurate dosing and fast uptake. These products are designed to help customers navigate discreet dosing and a reliable form of relief.

Natural History is our recreational brand which features only choice genetics and true-to-strain lineages. These award-winning products make high-quality cannabis affordable for the average consumer without compromising on any step.

All of our products are cut by hand and air-cured in our 38,000 square foot facility outside of Edmonton, Alberta.


Our Commitment to Science

Not All Cannabis Is Created Equal

Our master growers only select the best cannabis genetics to grow and cultivate for use in our products.

Health-First Products

We enable customers to achieve the best in health and wellness with reliable dosages, fast-uptake, and innovative smoke-free delivery systems.

Built To Last, Here To Stay

Atlas Global Brands offers customers superior relief through innovative delivery systems.

Our Team

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis products and teaching adult Canadians about the history and uses of cannabis.

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