Recreational Cannabis

Do you enjoy cannabis for recreational use rather than for health benefits? 

At Atlas Growers, we are committed to bringing you safe cannabis products for your enjoyment and relaxation. Whether you like to smoke your cannabis, or consume it through tinctures, transdermal patches, or transdermal gels, we’re the cannabis provider for you.

Our flower and cannabis products are premium, pharmaceutically viable, and consistent due to our innovative and meticulous cultivation methods. We aim to meet the holistic needs of our clients by balancing the discipline and caliber of medical cannabis with recreational adult-use offerings.

Many people all around the world, for centuries before legalization, have consumed cannabis recreationally or for religious practices. Atlas Growers is committed to providing high-quality, safe recreational cannabis products that you can trust.

Some of the benefits of cannabis can include

Feelings of

Easing of

Relief of

Do you know the history of 420?

As someone who is active in the cannabis community, you’ve likely heard the term 420 at some point. But where the term truly came from? 

The most commonly recognized origin story of the term comes from a group of high school friends, The Waldos, who used the expression to refer to their after-school treasure hunt for a secret marijuana treasure planted somewhere in Point Reyes. The group would meet after sports practice at 4:20 pm near a statue of Louis Pasteur on their campus. 

They coined their operation the “420 Louis” operation, which was eventually shortened to the term 420. In the end, their quest for the cannabis trove ended, but the term 420 stuck and is used by cannabis lovers and enthusiasts all over the world today. 

Cannabis is a natural medicine and a lovely recreational substance that can be used responsibly for enjoyment when supplied by reputable, safe cannabis suppliers. We offer a wide range of products to fit any mood, style or preference. 

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